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Nathalie and Sandrine, two friends who care about their environment, have created an eCommerce Boutique ethical and eco-responsible,to contribute to the development of an ethical and solidarity-based economy, respectful of Man and the environment. They want to defend the know-how and well-being of producers and artisans and wantto build and develop a community that shares their values.

La Roulotte de Rose has chosen to create its E-commerce site with the CMS "CmonSite". Once the site was created, they needed support to develop a digital marketing plan for social networks: organic and paid via the Facebook ads manager. The networks used are Facebook and Instagram.
Together we created buyers personas, user stories, empathy map and customer journey, in order to better target their market and meet their needs.

UX : persona, user-story, customer journey, mkt digital planning, social networks.

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